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2006 information list

2006.12.15 Completion of assembling and installation of a Ship Unloader for Seto Wharf Company
2006.12.04 Completion of a Portainer for Sakai Port Authority
2006.11.21 Completion of dismantle of ship-loader at Seto Wharf Company
2006.11.09 Transportation of two transtainers for Hakata Port Terminal Co., Ltd.
2006.11.09 Transportation of plant components for Yasuki Factory, Hitachi Metals Limited
2006.11.02 Re-location of a container crane from Hiagori Wharf to Tachinoura Wharf at Kyushu
2006.10.30 Laying down submarine water pipe at Mukai-Jima ordered by Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture
2006.10.20 Transportation of a Transtainer for Suzuyo Company
2006.10.10 Importation of two large trucks what equipped air suspension of all wheels and environment friendly.
2006.09.24 Transportation and installation of old tram for Tamano Preservation Club of Tram.
2006.09.07 Transportation of 2 units of Shipfstainers for Mistui Engineering & shipbuilding Company, Tamano Works.
2006.08.24 Completion of shortening work of boom for floating crane gNo. 8 Kongoh
2006.08.09 We complete transportation of 4 units of Transtainers for APL in Kaohsiung Port.
2006.08.02 Transportation of 4 units of Transtainers for APL in Kaohsiung Port.
2006.07.30 Transportation of a Portainer for Nabeta Wharf Container Terminal at Nagoya Port.
2006.07.24 We complete transportation a Transtainer for Hibikinada Container Terminal.
2006.07.24 We complete loading work of slewing frame of grab basket ship for Kyouei Kaiji Kougyo.
2006.07.21 We complete transportation of a Container Crane for Hibikinada Container Terminal.
2006.06.27 We complete land transportation of sign pole for Celema Co., Ltd.
2006.06.27 Transports a Bridge-Type Loader for Nippon Steel Corporation Kimitsu Works.
2006.06.26 We complete construction of dormitory of Sanuki
2006.05.27 Completion of transportation of two Portainer Cranes for Subic, Philippines.
2006.05.15 Completion of transportation of an Unloader Crane for Kashima Electrolysis Co., Kashima Factory.
2006.05.15 Land transportation of two FRP tanks from Higashi-Kagawa city, Kagawa to Ujyo city, Kumamoto.
2006.05.09 Transportation of an Unloader Crane for Kashima Electrolysis Co., Kashima Factory.
2006.05.09 Transportation of two Portainer Cranes for Subic, Philippines.
2006.04.16 Completes wire reaving of a 15ton overhead crane for diesel engine assembly shop of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd. in Tamano.
2006.04.06 Installs a floating crane for Nakamura gumi corporation.
2006.03.28 Transports a Portainer® for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. at Ooi Wharf.
2006.03.28 Okayama Prefectural Port Project
2006.03.20 Renews Our Homepage!
2006.03.15 Transports and Installs an Unloader for Mizushima Seto Pier.
2006.03.13 Transports Two Transtainers® for Daito Corporation.
2006.03.09 Roping Works of a Container Crane at the Port of Himeji.
2006.02.26 Reconstructs a Continuous Unloader I for Mizushima P.G.C.
2006.01.21 Relocates Three Transfer Cranes at the Port of Shimizu for Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.
2006.01.19 Transports Two Transtainers® for TICT Ooi.
2006.01.12 Transports Six Transtainers® for Kelang Multi Terminal Malaysia.

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